giovedì 5 giugno 2008


Ahmadinajad's speech


Dear all,

  I was surprised to see how the Italian media dealt with President Ahmadinajad's speech delivered yesterday at the FAO. It seemed to me little difference was accorded to the speech content: the Italian media had already prepared their reactions. 


  I personally found it more balanced than what I had expected but certainly less diplomatic than what one would expect to hear in such meetings, and to be honest, I don't think that was a bad thing. At least it contained more thruth than the Brazilian president speech that did not disclose the social effects of biofuels (but was largely applauded).


  You can find the english translation of the speeches on


  Now, I wonder if we could have a role in communicating the true content if the Iranian speech at least to the alternative media? Any suggestions? 


 Cherine  Khallaf

Audio of the speech 

French translation

English translation

(ANSA) - ROMA, 3 GIU - Il mondo e' oggi 'gestito da incompetenti'. Lo ha detto il presidente iraniano, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in una conferenza stampa alla Fao.

Qualche dubbio?

Coraggio, mai perdere la speranza.

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