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Luisa Morgantini scrive

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Vi incollo molte notizie e dettagliate sull'accordo per i prigion ieri
Oggi parlerò con Jawad Boulus, avvocato e Qaddura Fares (legato a Marwan Barghouti) del Club dei Prigionieri.
Dopo la manifestazione per la commemorazione della Nakba, vedrò di scrivere un breve pezzo per ricordare la vergogna dei media
e del nostro governo, of course anche Onu e altri e Ue.
Alcuni risultati sono davvero importanti, altri un pò meno.
Ma nel complesso un gran bel risultato, che ha visto il consenso dei rappresentanti dei prigionieri
diversi partiti. Per ora solo detenuto di Gaza, Sursuk dice di andare avanti nello sciopero della fame perchè verrà liberato solo alla scadenza del
èer il rinnovo o meno della sua detenzione che sarebbe il 2 agosto, chiede di essere liberato il 1° Luglio. Ad ogni modo il gruppo negoziatore avrà un incontro
per convincerlo a desistere pur inoltrandol la sua richiesta alle autorità carcerarie israeliane.
Non si torni però nel silenzio, vi sono 4.700 palestinesi nelle prigioni israeliane. Dobbiamo continuare la mobilitazione.
Un abbraccio, com meno angoscia dei giorni precedenti.

Luisa Morgantini

MAIN NEWS_______________________________________________




Head of the Palestinian Prisoner Club association Qaddoura Fares announced that the hunger striking administrative detainees have accepted the agreement that was signed between the higher committee leadership in the prisons and the Israeli prison service and subsequently ended early Tuesday their hunger strike.

Fares told “al-Quds” that attorney Jawad Bulous, a delegation of the higher leadership committee and the prisoners Bassam a-Sa`di, Jamal al-Hour and Ahmad Sa`dat convened in Ramleh prison hospital for hours with hunger strikers Bilal Dhiab, Thaer Halahleh, Ja`far Izz a-Dein, Hasan a-Safadi, Omar Abu Shallal and Hasan Sursuk and briefed them on the details of the agreement which are relevant to their case and they accepted it after hours of dialogue. (

Attorney Bulous said on his part that five prisoners including Thaer Halahleh, Bilal Dhiab, Ja`far Izz a-Dein, Omar Abu Shallal and Hasan a-Safadi, who were on hunger strike for 50 to 79 days, have ended their hunger strike in exchange for their release by the end of the term of their administrative detention. ( adding: “the prisoners have committed to the agreement, signed it and broke their strike while their morale was high despite of their extremely severe health conditions”, citing they took part in discussing an item pertinent to their case and which said that “the file of each administrative detainee will be checked by judicial bodies, and if no security charges will be found against the detainees, their detention will not be extended and they will be released by the end of the term of their administrative detention”. Bulous said that “the Israeli authorities will transfer, according to the agreement, the five prisoners to a civil hospital to get medical treatment immediately”.

Both Fares and Bulous confirmed that the entire prisoners in all jails have abided by the decision of the higher leadership committee after the signing of the agreement in “Askalan” prison under Egyptian sponsorship and with Egyptian guarantees.

Meanwhile, Najeeb Izz a-Dein, said his brother prisoner Ja`far informed him in phone conversation his acceptance of the agreement whereby he will be released by end of his detention term on July 20. Also, Mrs. Masa`deh Dhiab said her son Bilal Dhiab phone called her saying he signed the agreement to end his hunger strike in exchange for his release at the end of the term of his administrative detention due on August 17. As for prisoner Thaer Halahleh, he will be released on June 5, according to the agreement.

With regard to prisoner Mahmoud Sursuk, Bolous said that he should be released and returned to Gaza but no date has yet been set for that. ( However, Sursuk affirmed in a phone conversation with his family early today his rejection of the Israeli offer according to which he will be release on August 22, the last day of the term of his administrative detention, as he insists on being released by July 1, stressing he will continue being on hunger strike until achieving his demand.

In this context, the committee in charge of holding talks with the prisoners said it will resume dialogue with prisoner Sursuk on Tuesday morning in bid to reach an agreement that could end his strike.

It should be noted that the Israeli prison service has accepted the demand of the two prisoners Omar Abu Shallaleh and Muhammad Taj to recognize them as prisoners of war and transfer them to “Hadarim” prison while preserving the right not to attend the daily count and not to wear prison outfit in addition to their release by the end of their imprisonment term.




Chief of Hamas politburo Khaled Meshaal said that the Palestinian prisoners have forced the Israeli leadership to meet their demands, citing that the unity of the prisoners, the unified national ranks, the Arab, international and popular efforts have contributed to this achievement. In phone conversation with “al-Jazeera”, Meshaal highly appreciated the role the Egyptian intelligence played to reach the agreement saying it was “special and laudable”. He called on investing this agreement in three tracks: to complete the prisoners` battle by final resolution that ensures their release, to reinforce national unity and end the Palestinian division and to set up an effective national strategy to resolve the issues of settlements, Jerusalem, the right of return and ending the siege on Gaza.

President Mahmoud Abbas said on his part the agreement has been achieved by virtue of the brave prisoners` steadfastness and it represents first step on the path of releasing the entire Palestinian prisoners from the occupation jails. He applauded in a short statement yesterday ”the stance of Egypt and its efforts, as well as the efforts by the Arab brethrens and friends who contacted all international parties to accomplish decent life requirements for our prisoners”, citing his sense of immense pride by the popular solidarity campaign that contributed to highlighting this national and humane cause.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian intelligence issued a press communiqué saying that “the intelligence service held intensive meetings and contacts with the PA, representatives of the factions and prisoners` representatives during the period between May 9 until May 14, for coordination on a joint move to implement the prisoners` legitimate demands and improve their conditions ahead of ending the strike”. In addition, “the intelligence service held intensive meetings and contacts with the Israeli side to meet the prisoners’ demands and improve their daily life conditions and to reverse the conditions inside the Israeli jails to what they were before the abduction of soldier Gilaad Shalit”.(

PA Premier Salam Fayyad and prime minister of the deposed government in Gaza Ismail Haniyyeh congratulated the prisoners on their victory in the battle after 28 days of hunger strike. Haniyyeh applauded their legendary steadfastness through the hunger strike and the Palestinian people`s effort that highlighted the prisoners demands and struggled for them.

Representative of the Quartet Committee Toni Blair welcomed the agreement by saying: “I welcome the agreement which was signed between the Israeli prison service and the Palestinian prisoners and which has enabled them to end their hunger strike. Particularly, I am extremely happy that the Israeli authorities have agreed to halt solitary confinement to the entire detained prisoners under the current circumstances and I also welcome the important decision of limiting the use of administrative detention”. (

Palestinian Prisoners Score Heroic Victory
Struggle to End Israel’s Oppression and International Complicity Continues
15 May 2012 -- Nearly a month into the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike, a historic victory has been achieved, as Israeli authorities were forced to comply with the prisoners’ main demands. Coinciding with the Palestinian commemoration of the 64th anniversary of the Nakba, the systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing that uprooted most Palestinians from their homeland around 1948, the prisoners’ victory has heightened hope about the prospects for Palestinian freedom, justice, self determination and the return of refugees.
This important triumph for the Palestinian popular struggle could not have been reached without the unwavering resolve of the prisoners themselves, grassroots mobilization in their support in Palestine, and the immense wave of effective solidarity and calls for holding Israel accountable that the strike has triggered around the world.
More than a thousand people around the globe have pledged to undertake a 24-hour hunger strike in solidarity with the prisoners, to take place this Thursday. While the solidarity hunger-strike has been called off, due to the prisoners' victory, injustice and illegal repression continue in Israeli prisons.
Emphasizing imprisonment as a critical component of Israel’s system of occupation, colonialism and apartheid practiced against the Palestinian people, Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations have called for intensifying the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to target corporations profiting directly from the Israeli prison system. In particular, we call for action to be taken to hold to account G4S, the world’s largest international security corporation, which helps to maintain and profit from Israel’s prison system, for its complicity with Israeli violations of international law.
Please click here to demand G4S ends its involvement in the Israeli prison system and its complicity in violations of Palestinian human rights.
Signed:Popular Struggle Coordination Committee
Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

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