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No to NATO
Saturday, May 19, 2012
Via dei Fori Imperiali (in front of maps) 5-8 pm
Dear members,
Please join us on Saturday, May 19th for our No to NATO Protest in front of the Roman Empire maps on Via dei Fori Imperiali (near the Colosseum) 5-8 pm.
In solidarity with those marching in Chicago on the 20th, we too will be calling on NATO leaders to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, to not attack Iran, and to not intervene in Syria or elsewhere in the Middle East.
Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda has issued a “call for non-violent actions around the globe from May 14th-20th, for solidarity, demilitarization, abolition of nuclear weapons, non-violent conflict resolution, putting people needs ahead of profits, justice, and addressing environmental challenges with integrity.” Hundreds of organizations are mobilizing people to come to Chicago for a mass march and rally to say no to the war machine on Sunday, May 20.
Invited by President Obama, NATO will meet in Chicago May 20-21. In response, a peaceful demonstration will be saying “no more endless wars that destroy hundreds of thousands of lives, strip the humanity of all involved, and drain trillions of dollars from our communities that could be used for schools, health clinics, housing, and to create jobs” (from the IVAW NATO Action Team).
NATO is an alliance of Western military superpowers whose combined military might is the world's largest and most powerful military force, an organization that throws military might behind the U.S.-led Global War on Terror and other overt and covert military campaigns and occupations around the world. Dominated by the United States, NATO (made up by 28 countries) accounts for three-quarters of the world’s military spending.
If you would like to participate in preparations for the event, or plan to join us, please write to

Make your voice heard -- please come join us on Saturday!

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice – Rome

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