sabato 14 agosto 2004







Un mese fa mi ha scritto Michelle, dicendo che le piaceva il mio blog "Whitebeard" e che era particolarmente d'accordo coi miei post su Uri Avnery e sull'american apartheit.

Avevo pensato che fosse senior come me, invece è senior come uno studente all'ultimo anno. Meglio per lei e per chi punta sui giovani per cambiare il mondo.
Hanno belle facce e ve le presento. Per chi mastica un po' d'inglese li trovate qui.

Questa la lettera di Michelle.
 Dear Whitebeard,
My name's Michelle, I'm a senior at Brown University, and I'm a huge fan of  your blog.
 I especially liked your postings on 'American Apartheid' and Uri Avnery's 'Truth Against Truth.' Your commentary is also very powerful and bold, yet > sensible.
 I'm working on a project this summer with a bunch of interns that you might
 be interested in.  We're starting a non-profit online publishing venture
 that's dedicated to changing minds through the spread of ideas.
 Can I send you some more info about it later?  I'd love to hear from you
and  get some feedback about our work (after I send more info).
 Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
 Ciao, Michelle.

E, già che ci sono, questa la mia risposta:

Dear Michelle, thank you very much for your message. I'm honored to have
mind meeting with you, that means with the other America that we european
love so much, because America is us, all of us, wherever in the world: blak
and white, europeans and chinese, south americans and the  left over indians
etc. In the good and in the evil.
We knew Boston  and Massachusset just before nine eleven, we visited
Martha's vineyard, Cape Cod zone, near Providence?...It was an home exchange
with a young couple in Needham, near Boston...I were with my wife Paola and
son Simone, 35 y. old. I beg your pardon about my english.
Then you can send news about your work whenever you want and can. Greetings
from Paola and me. Urbano, in Florence.

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